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What does God say Episode 2 Who is Jesus? Part I

In episode 2 of the What does God say? Podcast  available on, iTunes or Pastor “Uncle” Terry Harris and Deacon Henry Knox discuss how a Pastor’s new description of the phrase forgive you shouldn’t be ‘F’ you, how a little-known Texas law allowed a man to buy a $340,000 home for only $16 (, and how we should be diligent about caring for our fellow man as a local woman passes from the horrible heat.

As stated last time the main topic will be who is Jesus? We discuss his birth, childhood, and the many prophecies of his coming so-much-so we couldn’t fit it all in. This will be Part I & Read the rest of this entry

What does God say podcast Episode 1 Who is God?

In this episode of What does God say? Pastor “Uncle” Terry Harris and Deacon Henry Knox discuss the state of the church today, (TSA) Transportation Security Administration pat-downs, NY’s same sex (gay) marriage decision and the main topic Who is God? available on iTunes or Read the rest of this entry

Got Sin? There’s an app for that: Roman Catholic Church approves Confessional App

Are you a sinner? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The Roman Catholic Church has approved a recent iTunes addition called Confession, a $1.99 app that bills itself as “the perfect aid for every penitent. Read the rest of this entry

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