Verbal Anthropology Episode 2 The Face of Race

RaceKNOXbroadcast is back with episode 2 of Verbal Anthropology-The Face of Race. In this show Henry, Nicole Knox sit down with Chris from the Just Talking Podcast, Senior Airman Joshtin Rhodes and lovely wife Deveaux Rhodes, and Michael and beautiful wife Sherry Corbin; We talk about the topic of race and all that it brings the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable.                                                                                                     (President Barack Obama’s parents)


You can click the links for your desired listening pleaseure; for iTunes  for Stitcher Radio for direct RSS visit . Remember any and all questions, prayer requests or feedback can be sent to If you would spare a moment and leave us an honest review on iTunes it would be greatly appreciated. follow us on @KNOXbroadcast or @MzKN0X. Thank you for listening and God Bless

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