Stan Lee Live stream Show! a KNOXbroadcast/Geeks with Color Community Special

Welcome back listeners to a very special Geeks with Color/KNOXbroadcast community mash-up. In this show Samuel Colunga, Henry Knox, and the Statboy himself a.k.a. Pedro meet up for a community Live Q&A Stream from the mutant and Marvel creator himself Stan Lee! (Go too and listen). In this special live interview he discusses his life, family, and the comic book medium as a whole, plus much to their surprise a full length documentary was shown after the interview titled With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story (which can be found in its entirety on YouTube right now). But that’s not all Henry and Sam sit down to discuss some of the high points of the film and inspiring takeaways they gleaned from it. Also stay after the show to here Sam, KN0XXX, and the Statboy at the fast-food restaurant What-A-Burger, discussion and topics about but not limited to; Avengers, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of War Craft,  ghetto food service and more. The community meet up was great and fun was had by all. Available on iTunes or

We thank you so very much for listening. Any questions, comments, feedback, or prayer request can be sent to If you would please leave us an honest review on iTunes. Visit for more insightful articles and all the various podcasters contact information, links, and listings.

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With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story link

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