What does God say Episode 6 The Holy Ghost

It’s the What does God say show back for your listening pleasure with Episode 6. Pastor “Uncle” Terry Harris and Deacon Henry Knox discuss the issues of society and why it’s imperative that as parents we instill in our children Christ filled values and a dire sense of moral obligation to their fellow man. Many of the special cases and news stories we talk about could have been assiduously avoided if some would have excepted the path to do what was right.

Also a deep discussion about The Holy Ghost/Spirit its presence, how it moves among men today as well as in past time, and the power that we have if we except the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. We thank you so very much for listening, any and all questions, prayer request and or feedback can be sent to WhatdoesGodsaypodcast@gmail.com or KNOXbroadcast@Gmail.com. Go too http://knoxbroadcast.libsyn.com/ and listen.

If you would, spare a moment and leave us an honest review on iTunes it would be greatly appreciated. Follow us on Twitter @whatdoesGodsay. Thank you for listening and God bless.

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