Love and Learning Episode 6 Faith Friends & Fun

It’s the 6th episode of the Love & Learning show and we are pleased to have the Angry Mailman himself Mr. Anthony Alexander also joining him is his lovely wife Mrs. Kristy Alexander. We discuss our testimonies on how we met our significant others and a bevy funny of stories that have transpired since that time. From Faith family, kids, jobs it’s all here. Also find out why Henry has a new alias called Super K.

We also touch on a good movie with a very interesting message behind it called “The Encounter”. The deep meanings behind it with fundamental questions and emotions we all feel like faith, forgiveness, hatred, self preservation, and arrogance.

 We thank you so very much for listening, any questions, prayer request and or feedback can be sent to LoveandLearningpodcast@gmail.comor If you would, spare a moment and leave us an honest review on iTunes it would be greatly appreciated. Follow us on Twitter @LoveandLearnin (yes without the ‘g’). Thank you for listening and God bless.

Go too and listen.

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