What does God say Episode 5 Prayer

It’s the What does God say show back for your listening pleasure with Episode 5. Pastor “Uncle” Terry Harris and Deacon Henry Knox with an impromptu show. On this episode we talk all about the impossible promises and talk that we receive from politicians during the campaign season, how the holiday season gets filled with tragedy instead of good will, and why we should do continual daily self examinations and how our walk with Jesus Christ should be shown by things we do more than the things we say.

We close out 2011 with a deep discussion about prayer and what conditions it takes for God to except your prayer, what things should we pray for and based on the scripture that Jesus himself spoke, how we should pray? We thank you so very much for listening, any and all questions, prayer request and or feedback can be sent to WhatdoesGodsaypodcast@gmail.com or KNOXbroadcast@Gmail.com.

If you would, spare a moment and leave us an honest review on iTunes it would be greatly appreciated. Follow us on Twitter @whatdoesGodsay. Thank you for listening and God bless.


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