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Downloadable Brothers Episode 4 Guru’s Hello Kitty

Downloadable Brothers episode 4 is here! available on iTunes or Henry KN0XXX, DeAndre SBMG Unique, & Rufus Technology Wi2 & Cousin Eddie talk all about the highs and lows of both Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3’s campaigns and find out why Unique is getting shooter fatigue and ventured back somewhat to the fighting game genre. Read the rest of this entry

Love and Learning Episode 4 Short and Bitter Sweet

Episode 4 of the Love & Learning podcast is here available on iTunes or It’s been a while… Henry & Nicole Knox talk about the loss of a loved one and how there has been a transition in the home and the new baby hasn’t even arrived. It’s all for the good though! Nicole is furious about her favorite shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Desperate Housewives” being on break while Henry and Ian are captivated by a particular monk in the animated series “Avatar”! We also discuss the film “Super 8” and how interesting it was as well as a new podcast Henry has gotten hooked on called “We’re Alive”. Read the rest of this entry

What does God Say Episode 4 Who is Jesus Part III

In this episode of What does God say? podcast available on iTunes or Pastor Terry Harris and Deacon Henry Knox discuss our normal day to day and how lions were literally in the street. We discuss and round out Part III of Who is Jesus? Topics include: Persecution and torture before being put to death, His mental, physical, and spiritual suffering while carrying/hanging on the cross, and What was REALLY going on during those 3 days before Jesus rose from dead. Read the rest of this entry

Downloadable Brothers Episode 3 Madden Warfare Oops

Downloadable Brothers episode 3 is here! Henry “KN0XXX” DeAndre “SBMG Unique”, Rufus “Technology Wi2” & special guest our cousin Eddie discuss an awesome blessing of finally receiving a job in this tough economy Read the rest of this entry

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