KNOXbroadcast Family episode 1- Everybody and they mama

The complete KNOXbroadcast family comes together this month and sits down with special guest Patricia Roberts & Ola Roberts (mamas) for a round table discussion about a bevy of topics: all of our awesome community reviews, listener feedback and emails, The Godly teachings of good old fashioned child discipline and the opposition that comes with the territory.

We also touch on the tragic events of 9/11 and what it means to see things of this nature come to past along with a Christian perspective on what we should learn from these experiences. Also find out why the family had Thanksgiving dinner earlier than normal this year. We thank all of our listeners for providing feedback, again our email is also find us on @KNOXbroadcast or just head on over to

Hosts & Podcast: Pastor Terry Harris of “What Does God say?”, Nicole Knox from “Love and Learning”, and DeAndre (SBMG Unique) & Rufus (Technology Wi2) of the Downloadable Brothers podcast, along with Deacon Henry (KN0XXX) Knox.

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