KNOXbroadcast Pilot episode and show descriptions

Welcome to the KNOXbroadcast family Pilot episode. We hope you enjoy Faith, Family, & Fun conversation as much as we do. Below are the show breakdowns and descriptions. The iTunes, Zune, and other feeds are currently under review until then You can head over to or subscribe to the RSS feed located at

KNOXbroadcast family consist of the

What does God say podcast: the title says it all, Pastor Terry Harris & Deacon Knox discuss current topics and dive into the Bible to see just what God says about a given subject.

Love & Learning podcast: Henry & Nicole husband and wife talk about marriage and day to day life and all that it brings from a Christian perspective

Downloadable Brothers podcasts: Three real life Christan brothers discuss Movies, TV, video-games & music with a spiritual spin.

Emails about the show, questions, prayer request, and feedback can all be sent to

Contact us on Twitter: @KNOXbroadcast

Or Visit our Facebook page:

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